Did you know that Planday plays a role in the Eurovision Song Contest this year?

Europe’s biggest song competition and media commotion is taking place in Copenhagen, Denmark, this year. And Planday actually plays a part in the whole setup. Well, a small part, that is.

Many plans need to be executed on time, when putting up a show like the Eurovision. And one of the companies behind the stage and lighting setup is using Planday to schedule employees, making sure tasks will be done on time. We are proud to have a tiny part in such a big show and we are looking forward to following the big event which, after weeks of rehearsals, press conferences and semi-finals, will culminate in a grand finale on May 10.

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Lisa Andersen
Lisa Andersen Content Editor
Part of Planday’s content team in Copenhagen, Lisa is into yoga and loves good writing. Her experience includes working with communication and PR for international grassroots organizations in Argentina and Bolivia.