Over the past quarter we’ve been busy working on a batch of exciting features for you! We have updates to both the web version and the app, which we’ll explain below. Enjoy!

Schedule template editor

Schedule templates just became a lot more useful! Previously, Schedule templates could only be created from existing shifts in your Schedule. Now you can create a template that’s independent of the Schedule. That means you can create a template based off of an existing schedule, or create one from scratch in the template editor.

This new update also allows you to create templates that span multiple weeks. This comes in handy if, for example, you need a seasonal schedule. The template editor also allows you to keep your template in draft mode until you’re ready to publish.

To start using Schedule templates, go to Schedule > Templates > Create new.

New view of the Schedule: Position View

We’ve released a new way to view the Schedule that will make it easier to ensure you have all the areas of your business adequately staffed.

In Planday, employees are organized into Departments and Employee groups. This offers different views of your schedule: Employees, Groups, and — now — Positions.

The Position view lets you add more layers of information to your schedule using Sections and Positions.

You can see how Sections and Positions fit into the Planday hierarchy below (you can also read more here):

A Position is a label that explains more about what an employee is responsible for during their shift (e.g. Waiters tables 1-5). A Section is a label used to group a selection of your Positions together (e.g. a 1st floor Section that groups together the Positions that cover shifts on that floor).

To see the new Position view, go to Schedule > Positions. To set up your Position view, check out our Help Center.

Breaks in Punch Clock

Managers can now let employees register breaks themselves through the Punch Clock. Managers can already schedule breaks automatically, so this now gives you more flexibility when creating breaks for employees.

Managers can decide to use Punch Clock breaks for selected Departments, while still using automatic breaks for other Departments, giving you greater control over how different Departments operate.

This feature is also available in the app:

To set up breaks in Punch Clock, go to Settings > Punch Clock > Advanced > Access to breaks in Punch Clock.

Integrations page

We also have a brand new feature in your Settings: the Integration page. From here, you can easily get an overview of  the integrations Planday offers. You can also set up an integration from here.

We’re very excited to offer you more integrations with EPOS, payroll providers, and more moving forward. Check the Integration page from time to time to see what’s new.

This page is only visible to account admins with the security clearance to view this page. You can see the page by navigating to Settings > Integrations.

Bonus: Quick edit a shift in the app

Finally, we have a small update to the app that should make scheduling on your phone or tablet much easier. You can now copy, move, or edit a shift in the Schedule by holding down on the shift.

We’ve been pretty busy the last few weeks building these updates for you. We hope you enjoy! Watch out for another update next quarter :)

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