Meet Planday’s project manager, Sigrid. She reveals how Pepsi, kebab, 90s music and agile work methods result in a strong team delivering a clever employee scheduling solution. And we talk stereotypes, as we ask her what it’s like to be the sole woman in a team of men.

What is your role at Planday?

As a project manager, I have to delegate tasks to my team of developers, ensuring that system errors will be fixed on time, that our customers’ requests are heard and taken care of, and find work methods that will enhance our work processes. Really, my focus is on building a strong team of developers so we can live up to our customers’ – and our own – expectations of a quality scheduling solution.

Which tools are you using to do that?

I use lean and agile work processes, meaning that we make our customers a part of our daily work. Lean and agile work methods focus on optimizing the work processes by including the customers in the development of the product and also testing the product constantly. That way, we will be able to stay flexible and adapt to our customers’ changing needs.

You say you include the customers – how do you do that?

Here at Planday, we validate what’s important to the customers and work from that in the development process. It means that a project can run in short periods at the time; we develop a bit, then we check if that’s what the customer wants – and what we want. Then, we develop a bit more, get it tested and so on. Projects never stop but are always ready to be further developed.

Honestly, that is an extremely efficient way of improving a product. Our customers’ needs constantly change, and in an ever-changing world, we have to be flexible and stay up to date. That’s our secret to having a quality product.

Why did you want to work for Planday?

That’s a simple answer – I’m a big fan of agile wok methods and Planday is a great example of agility in action.

The system minimizes administration time and it is interactive, meaning that everyone is involved in what’s happening. That also means that communication is one of the most important tasks and the everyday life is much easier. Those are the same aims as in agile work methods; it’s all about minimizing the need for documentation and administration, strengthening the communication among team members and management, and making work more flexible and fun.

Why is Planday better than other employee scheduling options?

Planday is better because of its flexibility, its adaptability and its simplicity. And because of the team behind it.

I have to ask: How is it to be the only woman in a team of men?

Oh, it’s not just a team of men. It’s a team of developers. I have learned that a high dose of Pepsi Max, a few kebabs for lunch once in a while and 90s music motivate them more than anything. They have also taught me to take the joke “That’s what she said” to whole new dimensions.

I came from an office of women, spending their breaks on nail polish and talk about children. Now, we discuss which kebab joint is the best. But that’s what I love about my team. They are fun, inspiring and they are very straightforward – and it’s refreshing.

A good sense of humor and a close friendship result in a solid team. And I think that our customers can see that in our product.

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