We hope you’re ready to kick things up a notch at your workplace after enjoying a fantastic summer!

The Planday team is thrilled to share hot new features and improvements we’ve been cooking up to give your operations a boost. Read on for the fully loaded overview of what’s new, and what you may have missed while you were enjoying the summer heat!


1 Take the guesswork out of scheduling contracted employees

Set up Contract rules to compare your employees’ scheduled hours to their contracted hours, right inside your schedule! A green, yellow or red circle around their photo indicates how likely they are to meet their contracted hours based on the hours they’re scheduled for. Hover on an employee’s picture to see the exact deviation in a given period, that exceeds or falls short of their contracted hours. Then, make your adjustments and assign shifts accordingly to correct your schedule in an instant. Learn how to create and apply Contract rules here.

2 Faster load time & speedier navigation

The tools you use to run your business need to work seamlessly and without hiccups. So to deliver a faster, smoother experience across the entire Planday platform, we’ve formed a dedicated team who’ve been hard at work overhauling the performance and stability of our product.

Going forward we’ll continue to optimize Planday to process data faster than ever. This is a critical project for Planday, and we’re committed to ensuring every aspect of our platform runs at the pace you need it to. Thank you for your understanding while we work to improve the performance of Planday!

3 Snapshot shift overview

Now system administrators get a real-time snapshot of the different types of shifts in the Shift count overview by clicking the shift count icon at the top of any day in the Day, Week, or Two week view in the schedule. This gives greater visibility over the status of shifts–from Open to Unapproved shifts, for more control over each day.

4 New power for Templates in Planday

We built templates in Planday to allow you to save and apply your custom schedules in seconds! And to save you even more time, we’ve added powerful options you can set when you apply a template. Now you can choose the employees or specific Positions your template should apply to, exclude Shift types such as “Time off” or “Sick – unpaid”, preview your template in real-time before publishing, and apply it multiple times!

Planning ahead is faster and simpler than ever–and your employees will be happier too knowing when they’re working well in advance, so they can coordinate activities around their work & swap shifts when they have a conflict. Think fewer missed shifts, and less time managing last minute requests!

5 Modify shifts lightning fast with new quick actions

Edit, approve, and delete shifts in a flash with the new quick edit options. Hover on a shift in the Day, Week, or Two week view in your schedule, and click the shift menu (three dots icon) to update a shift in seconds! We’ve also made it possible to add a break counter on the top right corner of a shift, and the option to set a break as paid–contact us at support@planday.com if you’d like either of these features turned on.

6 Show Bank Holidays in the Schedule

Add your company’s bank holiday calendar so it appears directly in your Schedule, and assists you in managing payroll supplements for upcoming holidays. Depending on your location, you may also have the option to choose a default bank holiday calendar. Learn how to add your bank holiday calendar here.

7 Automatically export custom employee reports

Build custom employee reports to download or automatically export employee details and information such as deactivated user accounts or new hires within a time period via SFTP. Schedule when your report should re-run to automatically generate an updated version. Learn how to export employee details here.

8 Alert colleagues when an employee is deactivated

When an employee stops working for you, there’s often a series of tasks that need to be carried out by different people in your business. To eliminate the burden of reminding them to take action when an employee leaves, simply select the HR managers and full Admins who should be notified every time an employee is deactivated in Planday. To set this up, go to Settings > Notifications > Deactivated, then add the recipients to notify to your list. Learn more here.

9 Zero in on a single day

Deep-dive into a single day in your Schedule using the new Day view. Perfect for those busy and complex days so you can eliminate noise to focus and plan one hour at a time.

10 Reply all to keep everyone on the same page

Keep communications flowing with the reply all feature for messages. Write to us at support@planday.com if you’d like us to enable this feature on your portal.

Mobile App

11 Staff attendance at a glance

Managers and administrators can quickly check in on their staffs’ timekeeping with the new Attendance widget in the Planday app. Simply log in to the Planday mobile app and view attendance right from the home Overview.

12 See your hours & who’s at work

Employees now have an overview of how many approved hours and shifts they’ve worked, compared to the hours and shifts they’re scheduled for on the mobile app, for better visibility of their expected earnings for any given week or month. They can also see their fellow colleagues who are at work when viewing their shifts on the app.

13 Share your great ideas for Planday

Have a product input or idea you’d like to share with the Planday team? We’d love to hear it! Now you can send your feedback to us directly inside Planday, by going to the Help menu on web and clicking “Product feedback”, or in the mobile app by going to Account > Report issue > Suggest improvement. Your inputs inspire us to take Planday to new heights, and in the direction you want us to go :)


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