It’s our top priority to take as much of the load off your workday, so you can focus on what drives your passion and your business forward.

We’ve continued to focus on making Planday run at the speed you need it to, while increasing our security so it’s world-class. From our fresh-off-the-press ISO certification to custom sorting in your schedule, read on to learn about everything we have in store for you this month.

Data security

We’re ISO 27001 certified!

Planday handles important data on behalf of your business. To further our standing as your trusted partner, we’re thrilled to share that we’re now ISO 27001 certified! We’ve implemented rigorous practices across our offices, systems, and infrastructure to qualify for this prestigious global standard of security. To every business around the globe using Planday to run your operations, our premier security standards have got your back! Read more here.

Optimize your business

Why scheduling just got a whole lot easier

Your schedule needs to reflect what your needs are, and that differs from person to person across your business. As a schedule manager, you need to stay informed about who has too many shifts, who’s at risk of failing to meet their contracted hours, and who is available to work – while an employee needs a concise overview. These new sorting options give you full control of your schedule view!

Sort the Employee schedule view by name, shift count, payroll, and hours. When you manage the order of Employees, Groups, Positions, and Sections, all your staff will see the same customized views. Organize your schedule using sorting and filter options together, so you know exactly who to assign shifts to, and to reduce the number of corrections and shift change requests you need approve.

Maximize your productivity, at a glance

The Daily overview is your snapshot of what’s happening on any given day. Hover on the shift count icon at the top of a day for a status on all shifts. Click on employee status counters to see a list of who’s working, punched in late, available, unavailable, or on vacation. From there, you can fire off a message to the whole group or message a single employee directly.

Automatic reminders for contracts

The chase for signatures from new employees is over! Previously, you could enable employee contract notifications to let employees know when they’ve received a contract for signing. Now, you can automatically remind new employees who fail to sign their contract, set when Admins & HR Managers should be alerted that an employee has not signed, or when their contracts expire. To activate email, SMS, or Planday message reminders for unsigned or expired contracts, go to Settings > Portal settings > Notifications > Employee contracts reminder.

Primary department now available in Vacation report

For customers who use the option to set a primary department for an employee in Planday, it’s now possible to include the primary department in the Vacation report.

New option to hide colleagues at work on mobile

If you want to prevent staff from seeing which colleagues are at work during their shift on the Planday mobile app, please send a request to our stellar support team to enable this feature on your Planday account.

Streamline your personal life

Sync shifts to your calendar of choice

We recently launched calendar sync on mobile devices, to enable employees to sync their Planday shifts to their personal calendars. We’ve now added the option to copy a unique calendar URL directly from the Planday app, so your staff can subscribe to their Planday shifts and receive alerts and reminders from their preferred calendar, such as Google calendar or Outlook. Our sneaking suspicion is that you’ll see a big reduction in forgotten shifts, thanks to calendar sync! Read more here.

Planday platform

Exclude Service charges in revenue from Lightspeed

Now you can set which service charge products from Lightspeed restaurant, should be excluded in the revenue imported to Planday. This lets you monitor your real revenue costs compared to wage costs, for a smarter, data-driven schedule. See details on how to configure Lightspeed here.

Fast import of payroll data to Datev Lodas

Use Datev Lodas for payroll? For fast and easy payroll, get your payroll reports from Planday in the format you need to import directly into Datev Lodas. Please be aware, the format we support for this integration is the Datev Lodas standard table 21. See the setup guide.

Upload Planday payroll information to Zenegy Payroll

Import payroll and absence information for all your employees from Planday, into Zenegy Payroll. You can also generate employee reports of new staff or change logs in a format that’s easily imported into Zenegy. See the setup guide.

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