Now that the presents have been unwrapped and the bottles popped, we hope you’re as ready as we are to jump straight into 2019.

Read on for a bundle of updates including a teaser of something big we’ll share with you next month – all this to kickstart your new year!

Clear out former employee records with zero effort

Depending on where your business operates, you may have a legal obligation as an employer to permanently delete information on former employees after their employment has ended. This is also relevant for staying compliant with your employees’ right to be forgotten, according to GDPR legislation.

To automatically delete deactivated users from your Planday account, go to Settings > People > General > Auto delete deactivated users, to toggle on the feature and set how many years after deactivation a user should be permanently deleted from your Planday account.

Set Primary departments quickly and easily

We’ve added the option set an employee’s Primary department when you create their profile in Planday, so you can be certain you’ll never forget! You can also now quickly adjust an employee’s Primary department from the quick-edit employee view. Simply go to People, select the employee, and then modify their primary department and press Save!

Coming up

Better control in managing salaried employees

We’ve made great progress in getting closer to enabling you to manage salaried employees in Planday the way you have been requesting. Thanks for all the fantastic feedback we’ve received from many of you – this has allowed us to build a variety of options to give you greater flexibility in how payroll costs for salaried employees can be allocated in your schedules!

We’ve built three new cost allocation options for salaried employees, so you can ensure your salary percentage is accurate based on how you organise your business.

Whether cost allocation should be based on an employee’s monthly salary, or split out as an average on each opening day in the given month, we’ve got you covered! It will also be possible to set a salaried employee’s payroll costs, so they do not impact the overall schedule costs.

We can’t wait to share this with you in February. Stay tuned!


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