While roses are red and violets blue, instead we’ve got a bundle of powerful updates for you!

Read on for the full rundown of what went live this month.

Improved management of salaried staff

We’re thrilled to launch a big update to how salaried employees can be managed in Planday! While no two businesses are the same, we’ve built three options to give you control over how the cost of your salaried staff members is allocated in your schedules. Choose if the payroll cost of an employee should be a flat monthly salary, split out as an average on each opening day in the given month, or excluded entirely from the schedule costs.

We will continue to add functionality and customisation to this feature in the coming months, to ensure your salary percentages are accurate and reflect how you organise your business. Please note, if you’ve worked with salaried employees previously, make sure to read our help article before proceeding with set up. Read the setup guide here.

All staff details at a glance

From hired date to payroll ID, we’ve infused the employee overview with all your employee’s details so you can access staff information in a flash. Simply go to People > Employee details, to customize the information you want displayed in the employee overview.

Quickly adjust your schedule view to take fast action

Select all, or search for an Employee, Employee group, or Position in the schedule filters to quickly customise your schedule to carry out specific tasks and cut down on tedious scrolling and clicks.

Ending support for iOS 9 & 10 and Android 4 & 5

To continue providing the best experience for the thousands of people accessing Planday from our mobile apps, after March 1st we will no longer support applications running on iOS 9 or 10, and Android 4 or 5. Read more about our supported devices here.

Update employees with custom fields through our API

We extended the employee endpoint, enabling you to carry out even more actions on an employee profile using our open API. Now you can create, update, delete or read any custom fields on an employee’s profile. Learn more here.

Additional updates

  • The calendar week number is now shown next to the date selector in the schedule
  • Choose how revenue data is imported from OpenSolution POS into Planday. Read more here.
  • Improvements to the Punch Clock & Scheduling endpoints in our open API
  • Manage Employee groups & Departments in our mobile apps
  • 30+ bug fixes and improvements, based on your feedback

And that’s not all! Head to our Release Notes for the complete overview of what’s new and improved this month.

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