A message from our Chief Product Officer, Rasmus Mencke

On behalf of the entire team, I want to thank you for being a Planday customer – it’s an honour to be a part of your journey, and we look forward to continuing our journey together.

Planday strives to help grow your business, and maximize your time. By listening to your feedback, we’ve been able to deliver on this by providing valuable business insights, while continuing to improve the speed of our product.

Your feedback is invaluable to Planday and the extended Planday family, our dear customers. Please continue to share your great ideas with us by writing to cpo@planday.com – we love hearing from you! Read on for the full list of wishes we’re delivering to you this holiday.

Optimise your personal life

Don’t let the holidays pass you by, book your vacation on the fly!

Your festive season is busy enough without worrying about how you’ll book your holiday, which is why we’ve made it possible to do it on the fly. No more vacation requests from your home computer – simply log into the app and get it done instantly. We wanted to bring all the amazing staff around the globe something they’ve been wishing for!

We know your staff lead busy lives, which explains why our data shows they prefer using Planday on their mobile phones. Now they can manage all their activities in Planday – including requesting holiday – from the palm of their hand! (*Please note: At this time, we do not yet support accrued holiday, or vacation accounts in hours – but stay tuned!)

Streamline your business

We turbo-charged your schedule

A single shift can have lots of changes made to it before it’s even worked. To save you time, as soon as you click to save your changes, you can move on instantly to continue working while we load your updates to the schedule in the background.

And there’s more – loading and navigating in your schedule also got a big boost! We’ve optimised the schedule to give it a 30% uplift in speed, so you can race through your scheduling tasks and truly save time. Increasing the speed of Planday is an ongoing focus for us, and we’ll let you know when we reach our next milestone to accelerate your workday.

Zero in on a specific time of day

Since we rolled out the new schedule filter options, we learned about some powerful use cases. To give you even more control over when building or adjusting your schedule, now you can filter on a specific time of day. Simply click the filter icon in the top left corner of your schedule, and enter the shift start and end time to only show shifts that fall within the timeframe, so you can make sure critical periods are staffed just right!

Alert the troops when your team grows

As you expand your team, it’s important to keep your managers in the loop so they can prepare an onboarding plan ahead of time. Give staff a warm welcome by alerting managers every time you add a new head count to your team. When you create an employee, selected managers or supervisors will receive a notification to welcome your new employee! To set up these alerts, go to Settings > Portal settings > Notifications > New Employee reminder. It’s that easy!


API page got a fresh, new look

Our open API enables you to integrate and sync different parts of Planday to other tools in your ecosystem – and it’s grown leaps and bounds this year! Head to the redesigned API access page, by going to Settings > Integrations > API access, to get your API keys so you can keep your systems connected and optimised with Planday, and to enjoy the refreshed API experience.

Important updates

Privacy of staff details

In light of GDPR and to enhance security for your data, employees who have selected the option not to share their contact information with colleagues are only visible to their department managers on the people list. Additionally, when you create a new employee the default setting for contact details is that they will now only be visible to managers. You change this when you edit an employee and select the check box labelled “Contact info public,” so that their contact details will be visible to all employee in the departments they work in. Protection of your data is a priority for us, so we’ve made this update to ensure sensitive staff information is accessible only to those who need it.

Happy Holidays from the Planday team!

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