At Planday, our shared values are fundamental in everything we do, impacting our product, business, culture, and our interactions with people. However, our values are more than simply goals to reach for: they’re part of our daily culture. Our four values are what Planday employees live by, whether we’re working to build a better product or helping a customer. We live by our values not only in the office, but as we interact with the community at large as well.

One of the ways we’re trying to bring our values outside the office is by volunteering at the Lesvos FutbolNet Festival for Refugees. Two Planday employees will be going to the festival in Greece, where they’ll help coordinate volunteers. While our volunteers are at the festival, they’ll be representing Planday’s four core values:


We acknowledge that working together will take us further than what any of us can accomplish alone. Like a family, our team recognizes and rewards each other’s individual strengths and strives to treat one another, and our customers, as respectfully as if they were our own families. It is our commitment to togetherness that brings our ongoing success.


We are proud to be our authentic selves. To us, authenticity is a cycle: when we are transparent about our business, we build trust. With trust, we feel comfortable being honest and upfront. As a result, our culture is collaborative, and our customers see real and measurable value from our product.


We are truly passionate about empowering small and medium sized businesses all over the world. We believe passion is contagious. When our customers thrive from engaging with our software, we are further driven to continue improving our product.


We approach everything we do with conviction, intensity, and resourcefulness. We believe this allows us to deliver better experiences to our customers and each other. Our “umpf” gets us out of bed in the morning, ready to innovate and dream of new ways to meet our customers’ needs.

Our values serve as a compass for our actions, directing the way we conduct ourselves both inside and out of the office. We’re proud of what we do, and we’re proud of what our customers achieve. Over the next few days, we’ll be showcasing a few of our partners who embody similar values.

Stay tuned!

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