We’re really excited to announce two major Planday developments: an updated app experience for all users, and a simplified web interface for US customers.

Updated app for all users

With multiple logins per user per day, the Planday app is how many customers choose to use Planday, so we want to make sure it’s very intuitive and easy to use.

That’s why the app is getting a major facelift. We took all the findings from our user research and used them to make the app simply designed and more straightforward.

Updated Schedule and People modules

The biggest changes in the app can be seen in the People and Schedule modules. In the People module, managers can now more easily modify employees and employee groups. The Schedule module has been completely redesigned so it’s more intuitive and functional.

Easier communication & task management

Managing tasks from within the app will now be much simpler since tasks appear right on the home dashboard. Employees and managers can also more easily communicate with each other from within the app. Managers can approve shift-swaps faster, and messaging employees and employee groups now takes fewer steps.

Quick access to Planday support & touch-ID

Portal admins will now see a chat icon in the upper right hand corner of the app. This feature will open up a chat with Planday support, so you can get all your questions answered quickly without having to leave the app.

All users will also be able to enable touch-ID in the app, which means you can simply use your fingerprint to open the app, instead of a username and password.

Simplified web user experience

We’re also releasing a significantly simpler web portal with better user experience, initially to our US customers. The new web portal is specifically designed so managers and employees can quickly start scheduling shifts and clocking-in.

Easier scheduling and people management

Similar to the app, the biggest changes are in the People and Schedule modules. The Schedule module has received several updates that make it more intuitive, which means business owners and managers get more value faster.

For example, the Schedule module has features like drag and drop shifts, as well as drag to copy:

It also enables users to copy a week to future weeks, speeding up the scheduling process even more.

The People module has also received significant improvements that will speed up workforce management tasks. It’s now simpler to edit employees or assign them to groups and departments. This functionality is also available from within the schedule, allowing a much more fluid way of managing employees.

Easier onboarding

One of our main goals with the new update is to simplify the onboarding process. With the updated experience, customers can easily get their portal setup without having to work with a Planday consultant. Of course Planday support is always available to answer any questions you might have, but we understand that you want to get your portal up and running as quickly as possible, and the new update makes that possible.

Both the new app and the web update are available starting today. We’re excited to hear what your experiences are with the new updates!

Want to check out the changes for yourself? Sign up for Planday now.


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