We always work towards the aim of making employee scheduling and team communication better and easier for everyone in rota-based environments. In the past, businesses have relied heavily on manual tools such as paper, whiteboards and Excel – but for many, with Planday, those days are over. And Planday’s October product release makes it easier than ever to take employee scheduling to the next level.

Product releases coming up

75,000 people are already using Planday on a daily basis and we’re so excited to see more joining every day. It’s great to see how businesses are able to free up more time and communicate more efficiently across the organization after having started with online and mobile employee scheduling.

We’re often out in the field, talking to customers and we really appreciate all the feedback we get. As a growing company, we are thrilled to have so many dedicated customers following us on our journey – and we appreciate that they welcome us into their worlds as well.

Hearing how engaged everyone is in the product and the company ensures us that what we are doing is right – and that we’re headed in the right direction. Because of all the amazing feedback we’ve been able to create some amazing new updates that will make Planday an even easier to use and better-looking system.

So let’s get into the three updates you can benefit from.

1) New Planday design

We’ve given the desktop version of Planday a facelift. Soon, you will have a much better overview as most of the navigation functions have been moved up into drop down menus to free up more space on the screen for the schedule. This look is very intuitive, making it easy for you to find the menus you need, while at the same time making it very simple for new employees to get on board with the schedule. This new design will be released to all customers within the coming weeks, so keep an eye on your Planday portal.


2) Planday’s mobile punch clock

This is an update that we know will benefit many of our customers. With Planday’s mobile punch clock, you will be able to clock in and out from your phone, enabling remote or on-the-go employees to register their hours precisely. At the same time, the day becomes much more flexible for employees as they don’t all have to go by the office or the reception and wait in line to use the same machine to punch in and out.

So how does it work?

Planday’s mobile punch clock uses a GPS function and you will be able to pre-set restrictions on your employees’ location, making sure that you can’t punch in or out unless you are at your work location. The restrictions can be set from 20 meters to 1 kilometer.

This is a huge step for Planday and Planday users – we become more and more reliant on our phones which is why we believe that mobile employee scheduling and communication is the future. That’s why we work hard to make sure that there’s a useful and logical correlation between the desktop version and the mobile app of Planday.

If you want to set up the mobile punch clock, please contact Planday support – they will help you get started.

3) Landscape view of schedule

Last but not least, we’ve made an update to the schedule view in the mobile app. Everyone will now be able to see the complete weekly schedule overview in their smartphone in landscape mode. This gives you a better overview and the option to see more days at a time. Simply rotate the phone to see what it will look like.


Planday moving forward

We are sure that these October releases will add so much value to our customers. It’s important to us not to only focus on the features seperately but to focus on the product as a whole. And we believe that these updates will give our users a great experience and a much better feel of Planday.

“We’re really excited to deliver continued innovation into our industry-leading product” remarks Christian Broendum, Planday CEO. “We work closely with our customers and also take inspiration from other design-led companies to deliver a combined end-user simplicity with deep functionality built into the product over the last 10 years.”

Want to give Planday a try?

Watch this video and find out how easy it is to get started (…and to check out the new design).

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