We’re excited to interview our loyal customer, Mads Poulsen, who is the Retail Manager for Smarteyes Denmark -a private Swedish optical chain that operates in Germany, Sweden and Denmark. Mads will tell us what brought him to Planday and how his internal operations improved since using our modern workforce solution.

What brought you to work for Smarteyes?

Smarteyes has reached an interesting pivot. We are growing fast and have 3 stores already open in Denmark and are planning to have 45 more stores by 2018. Currently, we have a total of 56 stores. I started to work at Smarteyes because I really bought into the concept by the way we want to change an old fashioned business and rather become a part of a company that focuses on growth. I also love that we build this company on core values and that the company is very modern by the way we act. Our values at Smarteyes are: Keep it simple, we believe in change and we care, which for me are values that fit well with who I am.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Everyday is different. Currently, my job is very widespread. One moment I am sitting with the overall strategy, next I am a talking to a customers on the phone. Mostly, I use my time making promotional activities/marketing and coaching store managers. Internal communications also takes up a good part of my time.

What do you think are your biggest challenges for Smarteyes?

Being able to evolve, but still keep our core values clear. In the coming years, we will grow rapidly and we need to sustain the company culture and make sure it doesn’t change when we open new stores. The company must never be so big that the distance between customers, employees and management becomes unmanageable. The entire company must be able to listen and adapt to customers fast.

How did you transition into using Planday?

Surprisingly, I saw the Planday Facebook since we usually don’t pay too much attention to Facebook. Previously, we had issues dealing with salary. It was taking too long and it was too inflexible. Our formal workforce management system offered a salary assistant, but it wasn’t web based. We needed to change to a cloud based system like Planday.

What do you like best about Planday?

We liked the mobile platform and its instant access for everyone to use. The salary task is good because we’re working with a lot of different salary groups and different fees. The entire setup to create a new employee is easy and we can see when they’re working through real-time scheduling. Depending on the time, things get adjusted. Especially when we create new things like personal groups, communications etc. Overall, Planday is so intuitive and really easy to use. Plus it is cloud based, which means that we can access it everywhere.

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