It’s around 8am and Eunice is about to sip her coffee. Her team of girls are already chatting away on their headsets assisting customers and clients. “So much to do and so little time,” Eunice thinks, like every call center manager’s first thought in the morning. It’s been quite the journey for Eunice Nielsen since 2006.

She joined CityCallCenter starting as a receptionist working side-by-side with a team of only 3 employees. Fast-forward 8 years later and Eunice is leading a team of 20-22 people, nearly 4x the amount initially.

But like any story, success didn’t happen overnight.

Unlike other call centers with quick impersonal sales calls or inbound one-time customer service, CityCallCenter has loyal and long-term clients. Through close-knit personal relationships with clients, Eunice’s team is able to keep customers for years. Nurturing long-term relationships takes a lot of time and effort. Keeping staff motivated and happy is crucial in order to avoid high turnover.

“I try to make the job fun and motivating for the girls so that they have fun and still take away a learning experience. We’ve done a little bit of event planning such as Christmas parties for clients. Also, we had a few girls go out and help clients with book launches, trade shows, press releases, etc.” -Eunice Nielsen, Executive Director at CityCallCenter

Like other call centers, CityCallCenter changed into a 24/7 service around 2011 as business grew. Perks are made available for staff who dedicate themselves to working on weekends, holidays or late night shifts. This is another reason to keep staff motivated in order to survive a call center environment.

With an extensive growth in acquiring new clients and more demanding projects, Eunice and her business partner had to make a critical decision. She was spending nearly a day on payroll, scrambling to take everything into account from: shift swaps, overtime work hours, holiday pay, clock ins and out, part-timers to full timers, etc. Her struggle to manage larger staff and operations were due to an overload on administration work. Excel couldn’t resolve the problem since changes were inevitable. She needed something that documented scheduling real-time and automatically. A tool that enables her staff to communicate instantaneously and a system that helps her monitor reports from the payroll to staff scheduling.

Investing in an “All-Inclusive” System: Planday

Through a Planday Sales Consultation, Eunice was sold as soon as she walked out the door. 

“At the end of the consultation, I knew Planday was the right choice. It feels like it was actually made in this century and not back in the old grey Microsoft days!”

After being integrated with the system, Eunice was able to recover her time management. Suddenly Payroll didn’t take up an entire day, but instead 1-2 hours!

“Now instead of constantly going back and changing the Excel scheduling sheet, Planday makes it instant if an employee needs to swap a shift. I can check who they can swap with and accept it on the spot. I can send announcements to my staff and I love that I can actually check who read it and who didn’t. It’s very handy since I can mass text or call another employee if someone is sick in the morning, I can still receive the notification message on my phone if I am in a meeting, so I am constantly connected to my staff.”

Eunice has been a customer with Planday for two years and is still going strong.

If you enjoyed reading about Eunice’s story, be sure to connect with her via LinkedIn or follow CityCallCenter’s Twitter or Facebook.

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