Marita Lynn is going to open her restaurant this summer. Her first restaurant. She is extremely excited and can’t wait to share her passion for food, however, the journey hasn’t been without cuts and bruises.

She quickly realized that you need more than a passion for food to open a restaurant – you need extensive business knowledge and a tough spirit. She was almost defeated by her fear, but finally found a way to cope.

Read her inspiring story and find out what she would advise you to do if you’re about to open a restaurant and a bit nervous about the future.

A vision, 20 years in the making

My name is Marita Lynn, founder of Marita Lynn Catering and RUNA Restaurant. Since I was a little girl, Peruvian food has been at the center of my family and my home. I moved to the United States when I was 20 years old, and I knew exactly what I wanted to do… I wanted to strengthen my family’s traditional Peruvian recipes and marry this knowledge with my vision of a new culinary movement. I wanted to bring new, exciting dishes to many tables, offering people a chance to experience a meal that not only delighted the senses, but served as a wonderful memory for many years after.

RUNA is the culmination of my vision, 20 years in the making. This signature Peruvian restaurant, located in Red Bank, New Jersey, is going to open this summer. It was created solely with the community in mind. When people come together to share a meal in an atmosphere where wholesome, unforgettable recipes are served, the results are tangible. You can see the happiness on their faces as they eat, you can hear the pleasure in their voices while they talk between bites and as they laugh and smile over desserts. 

“I got it all wrong”

I made the decision to open RUNA two years ago. I was so excited about it, I was looking forward to cooking for everyone. But I quickly realized that I got the wrong perception. Cooking is not the same as running a business, and I didn’t have the full knowledge of opening and running a business. So, I made the decision to focus on establishing my company so it can become as successful and delicious as my heart wants it to be.

While building my restaurant, many challenges showed up and I got paralyzed by fear; all my demons came out. You can’t do it, you are not realistic, you are crazy, etc. and I believed it. I dwelled, I cried, I fought. But I didn’t stop. I studied, I got coaching and I kept going.

Now, instead of being afraid of what’s going to happen, I welcome unexpected circumstances as opportunities. Now, I understand that I create my future and it all depends on me. Everything happens for a reason and I’m working harder than ever for the well-being of my children, providing delicious foods, earning a living and having fun!

I hope I can inspire you to follow your heart and your goals and get the results that you want. I also invite you to become a part of RUNA and share the feeling of being a community with me, no matter where you are in the world. And remember, even when the road gets bumpy, stay focused, follow your dreams and keep your spirit high.

With love and good luck,

Xoxo – Marita Lynn

Check out Marita’s website:

Learn more about RUNA in this video:

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