We’re pleased to announce a few new Planday features! All of these features are available as of today.

  • Managers can customize the order of their employees
  • Managers and employees can print a physical schedule
  • Managers can batch approve shifts

We also have a few new Planday app updates.

  • Employees with multiple jobs that use Planday can easily switch between their accounts from within the app
  • Managers can sign up directly through the app

Drag and drop employees

You can now drag and drop employees and employee groups in the order that works best for you. For example, you can can drag your employees who work the most to the top of the list, where you can schedule them quickly.

When you create a new department, all employees will automatically be sorted alphabetically, until you reorder them.

Print a physical schedule

We’ve had a lot of requests for a printable schedule, so we’re excited to announce it’s finally here! You can now print a physical schedule to post where your employees can see it.You’ll find it on the Schedule Page under Tools > Print schedule.

Approve shifts in batches

We understand that approving shifts one-by-one takes up too much time. That’s why we’ve created batch-approval of shifts.

To approve shifts in batches, go to Schedule > Tools > Approve multiple shifts. Then you can select the days or weeks you want to approve.

Shifts with a punch clock stamp will need to be approved through the Punch Clock section.

Planday app updates

Feedback section & account switch

The new feedback section allows all managers and employees to report technical issues or provide feedback. We hope you submit feedback so we can learn about problems faster and implement changes you care about.

A lot of Planday users have multiple jobs that use Planday as their scheduling solution. Before now, users would have to log out of one account and log back in with another.

Now users can have multiple accounts in the Planday app, which makes switching between jobs quick and easy.

To switch accounts, got to More > Switch Accounts.

Sign-up through the app

Managers in the US and Canada can now sign-up for Planday through the app, so you can get acquainted with the mobile system quickly. We still recommend you do a full setup on desktop, but mobile signup allows you to get started with the basics on the go.

Both the app and the web updates are available starting today. We’re excited to hear what you think of the new updates! If you have any feedback, please submit it through the app.

Want to check out the changes for yourself? Sign up for Planday now

Happy scheduling!

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