We know that all of our users have been eagerly anticipating it, and we are proud to say that you don’t have to wait much longer! From mid-November, everyone with access to the Planday schedule can see the full shift schedule in the Planday app. But that’s not all…

Many of the Planday functions you’re familiar with from the browser will be available in the mobile app too. Take a look at the new functions and check out what you can expect from the updates, plus how they will make your day easier, smarter and more mobile.

For employees

As an employee you will get a whole new overview tab displaying your upcoming shifts, available shifts and any shift swap requests from your colleagues. You will also have your bulletin board and your events on the same page.

In the schedule, you will be able to see who is at work, you can book any available shifts or shifts that are for sale, and you can see which days your colleagues are away on vacation.

For administrators

As an administrator you will be able to see any shift swap requests from your employees pending your approval under the overview tab. Please note that you can’t approve holiday requests or punch clock entries – for now, you will still have to approve those via your browser.

The full schedule enables you to see who is scheduled to work every day. You can see when your employees clock in and out, and you can edit shifts directly in the app, for instance by booking employees on requested shifts. You can also edit the schedule by deleting or creating new shifts.

When you create shifts, you will be able to see which employees are available, who are on vacation and if you are breaking any union rules by adding this shift.

Furthermore, you can attach notes to the individual shifts, and you can approve shifts – however, please note that you can’t approve shifts using the punch clock. You will have to go through your browser to do that.

Launch date

We will let you know as soon as you can download the updated app, with the launch date expected to be in mid-November. We hope that you will benefit greatly from the schedule and all the other new functions in the app. Happy scheduling!

Please note that you can only use the Planday app if you have an active Planday account. Click here for more information about Planday.

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