Say Hello to Our New In-House Brand Studio

Dominic Hopkinson
Dom Hopkinson
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Say Hello to Our New In-House Brand Studio

Sometimes, if you want to do something right, you’ve got to do it yourself. 

This is especially true when it comes to branding and marketing — two key functions of building a solid business that depend on cultivating and conveying a strong, cohesive brand identity. 

And who better to push that identity forward than the people who are already integrated within it?

“Over the last 5 years at Planday, we’ve worked with some amazing external agencies to design, create, and optimize content for our business,” says Director of Brand and Creative, Flemming Rasmussen. 

“But outsourcing these jobs can be a tricky undertaking when you are growing and moving as fast as we are right now,” Flemming says.

“We want to showcase our growth and potential – and the range of new product features Planday offers – while maintaining the spirit which started the company in a Danish bar in 2004.

“We realised we needed to establish a trusted in-house team to respond quickly with the empathy, commitment and great ideas we need to drive our brand and product experience forward.”

Why In-House Branding is Better

“Our new HQ-based studio is more than just a one-stop-shop for all of our branding needs,” Flemming says. 

“Think of it as the philosophical and practical heart of our business —  a place where we are solely focussed on delivering the experiences our customers want to drive our business forward.”

And in a world driven by KPIs, we’ve got a few big ones that we’re aiming to meet.

Brand evolution. We’re focused on growth. Our in-house team will help our brand evolve to its full potential thanks to a deeper understanding of our needs and a dedication to strategy and management.

Consistency. An in-house studio means we get consistency from project to project. And this is important: the more consistent we can be, the better we can address the unique customer journey we want to impact.

Revenue savings. More work for less money? You bet. An in-house team means work will get done faster — and with fewer revisions — than outsourced content.

Of course, don’t just trust us when we say our in-house branding agency is geared up to achieve big things. Across the industry, in-house agencies have increased by 52%, according to a survey from Forrester. And 79% of respondents report high levels of satisfaction with the work being performed. 

The biggest benefits? Cost savings, speed to market, and business performance, to name a few.

What We’ll Do (And How We’ll Do It)

“Our newly-formed in-house team is built up of some of our most impressive creative minds,” says Flemming. 

“Together, they’ll help us think strategically, flexibly and innovatively when it comes to how we best achieve our marketing and branding goals.”

And because our creatives are already immersed in our business, they’re perfectly positioned to help us achieve a consistent, consumer-focused brand identity and experience across a number of channels. 

These will include design, copy and videos, as well as social media, public relations, influencer marketing and more. Everything from our global office design to our external media will fall under the direction of this highly-involved team, with the end result being a brand identity and experience that’s as fully realised within our walls as it is outside of them.

Five key areas will dictate our in-house projects:

  • Strategy
  • Diversity
  • External inspiration
  • Creative space
  • Collaboration

“It is our job to define a clear, people-centric approach to work and align the rest of the business towards this,” Flemming says. 

“With the right infrastructure in place, our new internal workspace will cultivate ongoing cultural change, capitalising on the diverse skills and experiences they each bring to the table to propel us all forward as one cohesive brand.”

Follow Along

We’ve got big plans for our in-house brand studio, and this is just the beginning. Be sure to regularly check back with us for studio updates, including new projects and initiatives.

“We know that immediate perfection isn’t possible, but that doesn’t mean we’re not going to strive to get there,” Flemming says. 

“We look forward to our in-house studio becoming an integral part of all that we do, and while the shift will be gradual, we expect the results will be well worth all of the effort it takes to get there!”

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