A small but dedicated group of volunteers in Lesvos, Greece are organizing a two-week soccer festival to bring physical and mental wellness and fun to the children living in a refugee camp. The Kara Tepe Refugee camp hosts about 700 refugees who have left Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria by crossing the strait that separates Lesvos from Turkey many of which are children.

The event, in the words of its developers, “will be based on the ‘FutbolNet’ methodology which emphasizes fair play and social inclusion. The core aim of the Festival is to use soccer as a means to promote health, intercultural dialogue, social integration, and most importantly, given everything that these children have already been through — fun.” Each day of the festival will focus on a different tenet of the methodology, from fair play and tolerance to gender equality, responsibility and patience.

Planday has partnered with the volunteer group and is sending two of its employees to help with the event. Beyond the donation of soccer jerseys and volunteers, we saw an opportunity to use our unique strengths and values as a company to further help with the event — by donating our software to ease the strain of coordinating volunteer staff.

By using our platform, organizers will be able to easily see where volunteers are needed throughout the two-week festival, while the communication feature means that any last minute changes will be quickly and easily delivered to all volunteers in real time.

Our hope is by using Planday, the event organizers will have more time to focus on what really matters the broader mission to provide a fun experience for the children.

The group hopes to make the soccer event a permanent fixture at their camp in the future, “through the involvement of parents and the engagement of outside sponsors and support.” For more information on how you can donate time, funding, or supplies to the Festival, visit their Facebook page.

Kyra Kuik
Kyra Kuik Head of Content
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