You don’t have to do all the HR work on your own. Planday enables you to share your HR tasks with your employees and makes your work processes much more collaborative. By making your employees responsible for some of the administrative tasks, you will be getting more time to focus on developing your business and staying ahead of your competitors. 

Use only one platform.

HR consists of many functions – payroll, absence, employee data, contracts, employee satisfaction, knowledge and information sharing, and document management. You easily end up with hundreds of different documents and for that reason, many businesses keep their employee information and records in several folders either on their computer desktop or on dusty, messy shelves. However, that way of working with HR is inefficient and time-consuming.

With Planday’s HR software, you will be able to store all of your employee data in one digital overview. Your documents will be neatly kept online. And the biggest advantage is that your employees can access the system anytime, anywhere.

Share the responsibility.

Planday’s platform is accessible from any online device and can be shared with and edited by whomever you want. Consequently, you put your employees in charge of editing their personal data, signing necessary documents, staying updated on guidelines, events, pricelists and product development – whatever kind of information you want to put up on your joint platform.

Say Shelly moved to a new address last weekend. Ordinarily, she would have to call, text, e-mail, or tell you about it, and then you would have to change her address in the system. Now, that doesn’t take much effort, but at the same time, Matt wants some time off. Ken can’t find last month’s payslip. Carl wants a copy of his contract. And Mary-Ann needs a phone number for her colleague. Suddenly, all of these small tasks come together in one big HR mess. Ordinarily. But not with Planday, as your employees can access the system and take care of all of these little things themselves.

Divide into groups.

Staying in control of your workforce is one very important HR task. Planday’s HR management function enables you to divide your employees into groups based on location, job type or qualifications. That way, you will always have an updated and manageable overview of your workforce making it easy for you to handle wages, supplements and work schedules. And also, it will make shift trading much faster and easier for your employees – but that’s for a later story.

HR is easy. With Planday.

Discard your dusty folders and store all of your documents on one platform, and you will work more determinedly. Invite your employees to take part in the running of your business, and you will get more time. Divide your staff into groups, and you will have a perfect, updated overview of everyone. So you see, if you share the responsibility, HR management is so much easier and you will save so much time. With Planday.

If you want to make HR simpler before your competitors do, you can try Planday for free.

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