This article is part of our Brexit Survival Guide: Practical Tips for Hospitality Businesses series, and is written by Saurav Chopra, the Co-Founder and CEO of Perkbox.

It is important to see Brexit as a hurdle, not a roadblock. Focus on the right things and you’ll clear the jump just fine.

Firstly, prioritise introspection over speculation; concentrate on your current workforce and invest in their growth. Brexit will inevitably impact the number of migrant workers (in fact, it is already doing so), and consequently the pool of available talent has potential to dwindle.

Hospitality, therefore, cannot be overly dependent on the traditional flow of migrant workers and must instead concentrate on retaining and developing their existing workforce. If you want to remain a strong player post-Brexit, then up-skill and nurture your employees.

There may also be a sense of deep uncertainty about job security amongst your employees- both migrant and domestic. It is, therefore, vital to devise a constructive and transparent post-Brexit strategy.

Ensure your employees know how you will adapt to the changes in circumstance, which positive steps you are taking to make this transition a success, and finally, what you have done to ensure that their immediate future is secure.

Having a visible strategy in hand will help restore confidence in both your investors and your employees.

Top of the list is making sure your workplace environment is an enjoyable one. If the trend in depressed migration is to continue, then the most important consideration must be tightening employee retention.

Investigate your stats around employee satisfaction or hold focus groups for finding solutions and make changes where necessary. More generally, introduce a culture of openness that’s facilitated by feedback.

Not only will this help alleviate tension between management and employees, but it will also help identify the weaknesses in your company culture. Stabilising your employee retention is all about the environment and ethos of a company, so ensure you prioritise it.

Brexit is a challenge, for every sector, but by bolstering your workforce and acknowledging the oncoming pitfalls, you will alleviate one of the biggest pressures hospitality is facing.


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