This article is part of our Brexit Survival Guide: Practical Tips for Hospitality Businesses series, and is written by Sjeel Koster, Head of marketing EMEA at Lightspeed ePOS.

Traditional hotels are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Today, holidaymakers are looking for a more cost-effective, flexible and private experience with their stay. Guests are looking for a home away from home, which explains the growth of re-invented apartment hotels such as one of our customers, Zoku hotel, which is a home-office hybrid that gives business travelers the opportunity to socialise with like-minded people while getting plugged into the city.

Brexit has meant British holidaymakers are taking a more cautious approach to spending, which has led to a surge in staycationers. But in the midst of this shift in the tourism landscape, there has been a clear winner — independent businesses.

The effects of Brexit on the pound means it has become less affordable for Brits to travel abroad as much as they have done in the past. That’s great news for independent businesses, who are presented with an opportunity to offer the kind of personalised experience that travellers often seek abroad. This enables smaller hospitality chains to invest more in the guest experience that attracts more staycationers.

Personalise your guest experience. With technologies such as OPERA hospitality, businesses can manage food and beverage orders anywhere in their establishment, so guests receive one itemised bill upon checkout. Accommodating the needs of guests in real-time allows for being able to offer a smoother ordering experience, in addition to saving time and reducing errors.

Simplify your operations. When it comes running a hotel, there is so much to think about — so it is important to find a system that does the thinking for you. Tools like Lightspeed ePOS integrate with various PMS systems that assist the day-to-day operations via one user-friendly interface — from housekeeping, staff training, checkouts, billing, 24/7 front-of-house management and reservations.

Running a hospitality business with a system that works alongside the concept of creating the full guest experience and helps free up time for the things that really matter – spending time with your guests and staff. This presents an exciting opportunity to help differentiate your independent brand in the post-Brexit hospitality.


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