Facebook advertising can be a little daunting. With over 1.3 billion users, hundreds of thousands of brands are competing to get their store heard. It’s understandable that store owners can be a little lost on how to find their audience. Throughout this post, I’ll share with you what it takes to find the perfect audience on Facebook, so that your marketing campaigns succeed with aplomb.

At PropelAd, I frequently get customers asking for the secrets on how to find the perfect Facebook audience and advertise to them. But the truth is, I don’t think it’s too difficult. It just takes a little time, experimentation and knowledge.

Step 1: Think About What You Want From a Campaign

Let’s get started with deciding what you want from a campaign. So many store owners aren’t certain about what they want to achieve from their ads and create them without having a goal in mind. Before deciding who your audience is, decide what you actually want from your campaign. This will give you something to measure your success by, help you figure out who to advertise to and help you build an overall more effective ad.

Step 2: What Size Should My Audience Be?

One of the most ubiquitous blunders that occur when store owners are building an ad is getting the size of their audience wrong. Ad builders think they should have an audience as large as possible because they perceive this as having a greater reach. However, having a large audience isn’t always best. Trying to reach millions of people can drain your advertising budget fast and could leave you without results. Conversely, some advertise start too small in an audience. They target a small amount, reach only a few and have little success, as not enough people are seeing the ads.

In order to have a valuable campaign that reaches an audience effectively, the size should range between 50,000 to 200,000 reach. This is the perfect size as it is small enough to reach everyone on a realistic budget, but also big enough to impactfully reach enough people. Audience size is all about this balance, get this right and you will immediately see better results.

Step 3: Think About Demographics

Brands usually have a customer that fits a certain demographic. They have a specific age, gender, and location. These factors make up an image of what your brand target customer looks like. For Facebook, when creating your ads, knowing these traits can be a great way to outline your audience.

Store owners should outline who they believe their audience is and use this information to build successful Facebook ads. Consider who the main consumers of your products are and build from here. Ask yourself: Are they male or female? Are they in their 20’s or their 40’s? Are they situated in the US or the UK? Are they married or single? All of these questions should refine your audience by helping you define an audience group which are likely to be interested in your business.

Step 4: Narrow Down through Interests

Now that you’ve established your audience’s demographical information, it’s time to narrow them down a bit more. Choosing interests and behaviours that your potential customers have liked is a great way of finding your audience on Facebook.

Store owners should think about what their customers potentially would like to see on Facebook and choose that as a way to target them. When considering interests to pick, think of more niche and less obvious choices as this will deliver you to a more specific audience.

Real World Example:

For example, you own an ultra comfy, easy to wear, high heel shoe store. You could choose a Facebook interest keyword such as “shoes” to reach them. However, this is a broad key term and could lead you to an audience who, although interested in shoes, may not be interested in your specific high heels. Instead, consider a more niche interest that involves shoes. This could be a store that sells high heel shoes with comfort such as EasySpirit, Clarks or Ecco. These brands have a high chance of containing the same customer as your high heel store.

Test, Adapt & Modify

Like all other types of advertising, it’s rare that you will hit a home run first time around. What Facebook ads need is attention. Store owners should be continuously tweaking, testing and altering their audiences in order to find the right one.  Since there are so many different people on Facebook with different demographics, interests and traits, constantly refining your audience will give you an advantage on what works and leave further room for improvement.


Finding your perfect audience on Facebook doesn’t necessarily need to be an arduous task. It is just a case of implementing these tactics and tuning into the people who respond best to your ads. If you experiment, think about your customer and carefully consider each step, then you could end up with a successful ad campaign that helps your business flourish.

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