Everyday you hear it: “The room was booked, but no one showed up, so we lost the sale. An extra booking was made, but the room wasn’t available so we lost the customer! I need X days off. My hours weren’t logged in properly because the system failed. I would like to put in my two week resignation heads up. We need to swap shifts. I did overtime, but wasn’t paid accordingly! We are understaffed today and can’t keep up with working…

Oh dear. This is a Hotel Manager’s nightmare.

You blame HR for not keeping track of records, the employees, and even blame yourself. Why can’t Excel or our in-house software just do the trick? Why can’t this information be clear and track everything real-time? Maybe if communication were better, these issues wouldn’t happen?


We’ve reached a point in history where businesses can have easy access to real-time information. Time to use it now.

Invest in Real-time Occupancy System Partnership:

An online booking partnership is the best way to make a room reservation. Today, access to real-time information is effortless and a piece of paper or telephone call will not replace the power of a cloud system. Hotel Managers should seriously consider a booking site partnership which brings employees, customers and your business immediate real-time booking. Without directly calling the hotel, customers can access these hotel booking sites which automatically book a room through your hotel. Some of our best booking site picks include: Booking.com, Travelocity, and Expedia.

Without real-time reporting, interruptions could put your staff in a mismanaged scheduling disaster. For example, you are registered with Booking.com and Booking sends you 100 new room reservations. While these reservations help your business, many factors arise during the booking process (from cancelations, emergencies, failed payment, etc.) and if you’re understaffed due to an archaic scheduling system, then we have a problem! Vice versa, if you are over-staffed, then pull out your wallet because you’re paying for unnecessary help.


With proper real-time software, you can accept any bookings automatically without interruption. And by accessing the correct inventory of room capacity, you can properly staff your employees, leaving you more time for business.

Immediate Access to Tour Inspection Documentation of Facilities

Doing the daily rounds of room inspection and other hotel facilities could be daunting if conditions change often and the staff doesn’t properly keep track of these changes. Daily reminders to do room inspection tasks are necessary for all shifts. Automatic notification forwarding to an employee replacement to do the task is necessary if the first employee isn’t available. Documentation is key. Crossing off tasks and making notes such as: to do, follow-up, goals, work orders, malfunctions, etc. are part of the daily inspection. Accessing the notes and documenting them on an excel spread sheet won’t suffice. Saving multiple excel copies is a pain, especially without a documenting mobile application at hand. Thus, an online system that documents these ever-changing conditions is crucial in order to run a successful hotel since interruptions are inevitable.


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