This article is part of our Brexit Survival Guide: Practical Tips for Hospitality Businesses series, and is written by Jack Beaman, Co-Founder and CEO of Syft.

Every hospitality business requires skilled, dedicated staff on both sides of house. A recent survey estimated that there’ll be a “recruitment crisis” and an annual shortage of 60,000 workers after Brexit. Over the past two years, employers have struggled more and more to find workers seeking permanent jobs. This is partly due to growing numbers of people leaving the UK and a reduction in those arriving, but it’s also due to the increasing popularity of flexible working. In fact, 92% of 18-34 year olds prefer flexible working, a choice which allows them to better manage their own time.

As the search to find permanent workers has become more challenging, the popularity of flexible working has blossomed, a change which a number of tech-enabled players, such as Syft, have recognised in the last few years.

Timing is often the most important thing when launching a business. It’s fantastic that Syft and others have proven to be valuable tools for companies to combat the effects of Brexit.

Through these services, workers have benefited from above-average wages and holiday pay included, greater control over scheduling, access to a wide variety of shifts, plus the security of being under PAYE.

Today’s tech-enabled flexible staffing platforms offer employers total transparency, control and choice over who works for them and can form part of their extended team. Thorough worker vetting procedures provide confidence for employers, as do the up-to-date ratings workers receive after every shift. Employers can use a convenient solution with only a fews hours’ notice, when in crisis, or planned ahead each week, to guarantee suitable cover for any occasion. Contemporary flexible staffing solutions are proving to be a great option for employers seeking to hire a permanent team.


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