It’s early in the morning, you’re getting ready to open the gym. You can’t wait to start another week with happy, hard-working members who want to see results and pumped up staff ready to make the whole business run smoothly. But then this happens.

“Heya, I’m really sick, so I can’t work today…” 

Every gym manager’s biggest stress factor – the last minute cancellations from employees. It takes hours – even days – to make the work schedule, book every shift, and the Excel sheet has been updated about ten times in the last week. Time that you could have spent on ordering new equipment, implementing new classes and giving good health and nutrition advice for determined members.

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Now, you have to change the Excel sheet for the 11th time and spend another hour calling, emailing and texting everyone to see who can cover the shift. Urgh, another day wasted.

An efficient solution

Imagine if there was a solution that would make all this administrative pain and suffering go away. A solution that would leave shift scheduling tasks to your employees and make it easy for you to stay in close contact with your staff whenever, wherever.

Well, there is. It’s called an employee scheduling system. It’s a piece of software providing a platform for your staff to swap, trade and book shifts without you having to interfere. It can be accessed from every online platform – so when Jenny wakes up feeling ill, she’ll just send a notification to her colleagues. Sam sees it, finds out he can work, and boom – your day at the gym is saved. A system like that saves you time and money, you won’t have to update your 2,000 columns in your Excel sheet and save it for the 12th time. And you can focus on keeping your gym pumped for your members.

Want to know more about employee scheduling software – and how to choose the right one? Click on the banner below and get all the tips and tricks.

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