Have you heard of the Planday UMPF factor? UMPF is one of our core values, meaning that whatever we do has to create value. We have to go the extra mile. And we want to make our customers, our product and our team stronger and more powerful than ever.

Planday connects managers and employees, and employees and employees, and enables them to work more efficiently. By eliminating manual, time-consuming administrative tasks, teams can focus on creating a healthy work environment while giving customers an unforgettable experience. But to us, it’s not important just to create a product that encourages team work. We, the people behind the screen, also have to feel connected to each other.

If we feel UMPFY, the product will be UMPFY – and you will get the UMPF factor too.

That’s why we prioritize team building. We’ve been on many different types of team building events – all of them with the aim of becoming better together. So, we sent four Plandayers out on the toughest challenge we could find.

Who’s the Toughest?

“Toughest” is one of the hardest obstacle courses. It consists of an 8 kilometers run in terrain plus 40 different obstacles in water and on ground, including traverse walls, the ramp, swing walk and tire crawl. This challenge tests your individual motivation, strength and perseverance but also your ability to help each other along the way so everyone crosses the finish line.

Here’s how it went down on a nice, sunny Saturday afternoon filled with mud, sweat and UMPF.

Now, that’s what we call UMPF! Well done, Andreas, Michael, Thomas and Anders.

And if that’s not UMPF enough – Plandayer Paul Harper cycled from London to Barcelona for charity together with his good friend. A journey with tired legs, food poisining, two lost pedals – and a whole lot of energy, laughter and unforgettable experiences. Well done! Follow the journey here.

What do you do to motivate your team to be stronger together?

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Lisa Andersen
Lisa Andersen Content Editor
Part of Planday’s content team in Copenhagen, Lisa is into yoga and loves good writing. Her experience includes working with communication and PR for international grassroots organizations in Argentina and Bolivia.