One of the best things about working at Planday is seeing our customers’ businesses succeed!

Now you have the chance to get to know a couple of our customers and their inspiring stories about how they built and run their business.



Grand Vin Restaurant

Grand Vin Restaurant is an upscale eatery and prominent business in Hoboken, NJ, whose owners have always dreamed about owning their own restaurant. After 12 years in the industry, they decided to take the leap.


Chexology builds apps that allow people to check in their things quickly, like coats, bags etc., focusing on making it easy, fast and more trustworthy for costumers to check their belongings. Chexology’s founder believes in doing more and thinking less.

Ellary’s Greens

Ellary’s Greens is a healthy food concept restaurant in New York City. The restaurant’s focus is high-quality, highly nutrient-rich ingredients and local vendors. Ellary’s Green’s founder and CEO says “I want there to be places where every choice is a healthy choice — so that we can look and feel better. And live better.”

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