We’ve talked about how our values drives who we are as a company, and how those values inform the way we act. We’re proud to work with customers who embody similar values. One of those customers is staffing firm Goodstart, which provides job coaching and employer match services.

Goodstart recognizes that people go further when they work together. “Competition is fierce in the labor market,” they state on their website, “and with us, you get more opportunities”. They offer services such as interview training and expert counseling. But also Swedish language workshops, lectures in addition to technology seminars. All with the ultimate goal of empowering workers with better opportunities.

The Goodstart approach to staffing originates from their motto, which focuses on the concepts of inclusion, integration, and innovation. Goodstart asserts that they “work every day to create good networking opportunities, provide clear job suggestions, and offer different types of education for our students.”

Goodstart is inclusive of people from all walks of life, celebrating their clients’ individuality and helping to identify and grow their unique strengths. They don’t view humans as capital, or impose a one-size-fits-all solution to staffing. Instead, they recognize that each client has their own challenges and ambitions. And Goodstart takes an active role in mapping these clients to the best opportunities for them.

They work as advisers, directly integrating workers as smoothly as possible into the workforce. It is done by cooperating as a team every step of the way. They acknowledge the challenges of integrating clients with limited or no experience into the workforce. Focus is on matching these employees with sustainable opportunities using an individualized approach and modern tools.

Finally, they emphasize the importance of innovation, to help them take a more active and effective role in improving their clients’ working lives. Their approach is methodical and evidence-based. They are always on the lookout for ways to evolve with changes in technology and society.

Goodstart treats workers like part of their own family. Whether their clients are between jobs, suffering personal challenges that have affected their employment status, or simply looking for a new opportunity. It is this kindness and celebration of authenticity that makes us proud to include Goodstart in our network of partners. Goodstart asserts that, “together, we can go forward in achieving your goals,” and we, at Planday, fully agree.


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