Barista, Planday family member since 2014, has embodied the meaning of community through their work in the Fairtrade movement since 2006. Barista has 15 shops across Sweden and was the first coffee chain in Scandinavia to go all in on Fairtrade. The company is committed to improving conditions for farmers and workers in developing countries. They do so through their community partnerships and production of high-quality, Fairtrade coffee and snacks.

A prime example of their humanitarian efforts is Barista’s participation as the UN’s partner in Sweden for the “School lunch is knowledge” campaign. As part of this campaign, customers using their Barista loyalty card not only get 10 — 20 percent off their purchase. For each purchase, Barista donates a school meal to a child in Ethiopia via the UN programme. All-in-all, Barista provides meals for over 1,500 children per day.

The ripple effect is astounding. According to Barista’s website, when these children receive meals at school, they don’t need to stay home and work to help support their families’ livelihood. The result? 1) a 50 percent reduction in rates of HIV and pregnancy among young women. 2) a 50 percent increased likelihood that her own children will go to school.

Barista contributes to growing economies through their own award-winning, Fairtrade coffee. Their passion for sourcing high quality, ethically-sourced ingredients helps to offset the negative impact on communities caused by the low global market value of coffee. Their passion for crafting artful and delicious coffee drinks is evident in their beautiful latte art and exceptional team of baristas.

The company’s passion provides an authentic experience, and value, to customers, who delight in the quality of Barista’s product. In addition, suppliers around the world see improvements in their working and living conditions. A direct result of Barista’s commitment to Fairtrade products. Barista partners with schools in Ethiopia and the UN, because they know that by working together as a global family, we can have a more meaningful impact than any one of us working alone.

But, most of all, Barista is driven by a desire to do everything better. To change the world with “both good taste and a good heart.” They believe in voting with your wallet, and making a difference in the world through deliberate, right action. And if that’s not umpf, then we don’t know what is.

You can read more about Barista’s humanitarian work here. And next time you’re in Sweden, be sure to drop by and enjoy some of their tasty fair-trade treats and award-winning coffee.

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