Today, people from all over the world gather to mark the workers’ fight for better working conditions on the labor market, and Planday plays an important role in securing proper working conditions via a very special feature.

At a workers’ conference back in 1889, it was decided that May 1 the following year would be the day on which workers from all over could demonstrate for their rights for better working conditions including an eight hour working day and proper pay.

We still mark this event, and Planday plays an important role in ensuring proper working conditions for employees across businesses.

In Planday, your employees’ union rules and regulations will be incorporated, alerting you if you are about to break any rules including work hours, number of breaks and so on. This feature makes your job as a manager much easier, and your employees will appreciate the secure and proper working conditions you provide.

Click on the banner below, and check out how Planday’s features can help you in your daily work life.


Lisa Andersen
Lisa Andersen Content Editor
Part of Planday’s content team in Copenhagen, Lisa is into yoga and loves good writing. Her experience includes working with communication and PR for international grassroots organizations in Argentina and Bolivia.