The holiday season is a chance to look back, so at Planday we have reflected on 2019 and put together a list — and checked it twice! — of our favourite features released this year.

Every day we work harder so you don’t have to. Whether you’re scheduling staff in a care home over Christmas or punching in for a busy shift at the bar this New Year’s Eve, we want to give you the digital tools to spend less time on admin and focus on what really matters. 

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Twenty Nineteen in numbers

No two Planday users or the companies which employ them are the same. So let’s take a look at just how many unique numbers Planday powered in 2019.

  • 143 million shift hours managed in Planday
  • We passed more than 100 million shifts scheduled in Planday’s history
  • More than 13 million log-ins to Planday
  • 40 new features and services
  • You can now use Planday in 12 different languages

So what do all these numbers mean if you use Planday to power your day?

Mobile modernisations

No matter where you are or what you’re doing — scheduling staff for your busy business or swapping shifts with a colleague — your phone has the potential to power anything with our mobile app. And here are a few key ways we have made the mobile experience even better in 2019.

Punch Clock times shown in the mobile schedule

The schedule now displays Punch Clock times for shifts which have yet to be approved.

(April, 2019)

Planday Punch Clock times in mobile

Planday your way

It’s a global world and we’re a global company, so now the Planday app will be displayed in the language you set for your device. So when you change device or hire someone new it will be easier for them to find the settings and functionalities.

(November, 2019)

Late Punch In overview 

We know that tracking is key to managing your business performance, so a new section in the Attendance Widget provides you with an overview of employees who are late to clock out from their shifts. You can use this to send a reminder to employees who forget to punch out, or are accruing unapproved overtime.

(April, 2019)

Planday App Late Punch In Overview

Dedicated mobile help centre for employees

Are you new to Planday or do you have to onboard a bunch of new people quickly? You can now access a dedicated mobile help centre from the account screen, with content aimed at employees who are familiarising themselves with the mobile apps.

(April, 2019)

Time tracking 

Warren Buffett famously declared that he can buy almost anything in the world, except time. That’s why Planday works so hard to take the guesswork out of managing your time. Let’s have a look at some of our favourite features. 

Punch Clock profiles

With around a billion shift workers around the world, we know no two people — and no two workplaces — are the same. That’s why our Punch Clock Profiles now add extra customisation, tailored to your needs. If you have many employees using the Punch Clock at once and it takes more than a few seconds, you might want to consider using the newly-added Punch Clock Profiles. You can read more in our blog about it.

(November, 2019)

Planday Punch Clock Profiles on iPad

Customise your Punch In

Do you ever have a shift that starts just before or after midnight, but you can’t Punch In before the change of day? Managers can now configure a customised number of minutes before or after the start of a shift for the employees to be able to punch in whatever the time or the day!

(September, 2019)

Your people (HR)

My Managed Employees’ Toggle

Do your managers need to quickly filter staff by who is in their team or who reports to them? Now, managers can quickly filter through staff they are responsible for to make their planning and communication even easier with Planday.

(August, 2019)

Planday Managed Employees’ Toggle

Enriched Overview of Employees for Managers 

Want to search quickly for an employee? Maybe filter them by country or department? We have added more fields to the employee details menu in the people section. Now you can display the country, supervisor and employee type fields for an enhanced overview of the employees’ page.

(September, 2019)Planday Enriched Overview of Employees for Managers

Payroll and Revenue

Department Restrictions in Payroll 

We understand that when working with departments and manager restrictions, it’s important to keep a close look on who has access to what. It’s especially important to ensure we all comply with the GDPR in Europe. To keep things tidy, access restrictions for managers are now respected by the payroll export functionality.

(November, 2019)

Planday Department Restrictions in Payroll

Salaried Employees’ Allocation

Do you have employees on a monthly salary? Maybe it’s the senior staff in departments in your retail store, or even you as the manager of a busy call centre. Our salaried employees feature provides several options for managing your payroll costs when you have employees who aren’t paid hourly in Planday. 

You can choose to calculate the payroll cost as a flat monthly salary, or as an average on each opening day in the given month. You can also exclude your salaried employees’ salaries from affecting the costs in the schedule by not assigning a salary to them, but still managing them in Planday. 

You can read a little more in our Help Centre article.

(February, 2019)

Cost of Open Shifts in Schedule

Want to take the guesswork out of shifts you haven’t yet scheduled? You can now quickly see the cost of an open shift in your schedule view and improve your tracking. Take a look at how this feature helps Copenhagen’s The Fat Pike manage its costs in our blog.

(August, 2019)Planday Cost of Open Shifts in Schedule


Multi Shift Editing

Planning your schedule — especially around the holidays — is like a giant jigsaw puzzle. Dozens, maybe hundreds, of employees with hundreds, maybe thousands, of shifts. It’s time consuming and tough, trying to balance everything. 

That’s why we rolled out Multi Shift Editing, so you can edit several shifts at once without having to click, open and close every individual shift one after the other. You can also simply delete and approve any shifts directly from the schedule view.

Check out more about it in our blog — with a video tutorial!

(August, 2019)

Planday Multi Shift Editing Schedule

Availability Visible in Schedule

Need to quickly see who is available to pick up a vacant shift? Maybe someone has called in sick and the shift starts soon. Our schedule now displays each employee’s registered availability for even faster and more efficient scheduling. The information icon in the right hand corner of the shift cell allows you to quickly visualise any notes added by the employee without the need to click and open the actual shift!

(July, 2019)

Planday Availability Visible in Schedule Desktop

Time Blocks

We know that in a fast-paced business, every second counts. That’s why we made it easier for you to create shifts with similar time slots. When you create a new open shift, you will have the option to auto-fill start and end times, based on previous activity. The list will show the five most used ranges from the previous 60 days. This time-saver will also show up when creating an assigned shift or editing an existing shift, in your schedule.

(October, 2019)Planday Shift Time Blocks

Integrations and Partnerships

Planday’s job is to help make your job easier. That’s why we are always looking to partner and integrate with other market-leading platforms to build an ecosystem that gives you the data you need to make smarter decisions and get the job done. 

Planday and Xero — UK market

Unlock even greater productivity with the power of Xero and Planday. Schedule staff, track their shifts and attendance, and export it to Xero for seamless payroll. We made it easy for you to connect Planday with Xero, for a faster payroll process. We focused on making data management easy, both for employee info and for payroll data.

You can read more at the Planday and Xero page here.

(October, 2019)

Planday and Xero Integration

Planday and DataLøn — Danish market

It is now easier to export payroll data directly from Planday to DataLøn, through a new API integration.

Using DataLøn for managing payroll, through Planday will allow you to create a connection of users between the two and make sure you are constantly up to date. The new integration also allows you to export the payroll data you need directly into DataLøn.

See how to set it up on our support guide page.

(November, 2019)

Planday Datalon Integration

Planday and iKentoo

Our integration imports daily revenue, from the POS system iKentoo by Lightspeed, directly into Planday. iKentoo can upload automatically the revenue from the past two days, every five min or offer you on demand imports, from up to 30 days back in time.

With the revenue inside Planday, managers can easily compare sales with scheduled cost to monitor performance. You can find more details and a setup guide on our support page.

(November, 2019)

Planday Ikentoo by Lightspeed Integration

Open API for Payroll

Our open API for payroll means you can make API requests to Planday and get your key payroll data to use in your other systems. The new payroll API supports payroll systems to build integrations to Planday with both user sync and payroll. 

Accessing the payroll API requires an admin with the right permissions to authorise the integration. To access the payroll API, head this way.

(September, 2019)

There’s even more

We released 40 new features and services in 2019 and crushed an astonishing more than 500 bugs, so there’s not enough room in a single blog post to list them all! But you can head over to our Help Centre and check out the Release Notes to see them all and get even more info about how Planday works harder so you don’t have to. 

More to come!

2019 has been a very busy year for the Planday product, with 40 new features and services rolled out over the year. But we are not about to slow down! We have plenty more exciting features planned and in the pipeline — including schedule history and improved visibility for employees — which are coming soon. Stay tuned for more exciting developments in 2020!

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