Christmas is just around the corner but are you prepared to leave the office to take a few days off? Emails, phone calls and texts will probably still tick in while you’re enjoying a quiet time with your family, and you need to fight the urge to constantly be on your phone and your computer. Here are some simple tips to leave work at work during the holidays.


It is a really bad idea to leave your office in a mess. It won’t motivate you to start working on the first day back and your cleaning assistants won’t be happy with you either. So, spend 30 minutes tiding up your desk and your desktop. You will thank yourself later.


Plan out your last week at the office to prevent any urgent surprises landing on your desk just before Christmas.


Avoid telling people that they can “just give you a call or send a text if they need your help.” You only want to be a good manager and help out where you can, but your friendliness will backfire. Allowing your employees or colleagues to contact you in your spare time – which you should be spending with your family and friends – won’t make your Christmas very merry.


Remember to create an out-of-office reply, informing everyone that you will not be checking your emails until the date you are back at the office. Their inquiry will simply have to wait. This will definitely help you fight the urge to check your inbox all the time.


In case you didn’t have time to finish all of your projects before Christmas, give your colleagues and your customers a brief about what is going on. Keeping them updated will leave you with a clear conscience and you don’t need to feel guilty or check your phone or email constantly.


Don’t bring a list of to dos with you back home.


Before you leave on the last day, take a tour around the office and say “goodbye and merry Christmas” to your employees and colleagues.

This blog post is written by Søren Ellegaard from Train Company. Søren’s expertise is within personal efficiency training.

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