Did you get to work this week, check the calendar and wonder, how is it December!?

(Quynh, QA, Copenhagen)

You better believe it. Christmas 2019 is here.

And if you’re working in retail, here are seven signs Christmas is right around the corner – brought to you in jolly GIFs from the Planday team, because hey, ‘tis the season and we think it’s a bit of fun!

1. All of a sudden you see it

You swear it wasn’t there yesterday, but all of a sudden the lights are on and boom – you’re in for a month of festive flicker.

(Rikke, People & Culture, Copenhagen)

2. Customers start to ask about it

These are your super organised ones. There’s lists, there are ideas and they know what they want. They love a good sale and just need you to help them find it.

(Michael, Brand Studio, Copenhagen)

3. Stock starts to look like it

Novelty Christmas beer? A Christmas cable knit for Grandma? Sure. Christmas is different for everyone! Fingers crossed you sell it. (And get a Santa photo along the way!)

(Santa Claus… definitely not Andreas, Product Analyst, Copenhagen)

4. Then you hear it

Admit it. At first, it’s fun. Who doesn’t want to hear the latest teen singing sensation take on a classic or a happy colleague with bells!? 

(Dom, Brand Studio, Copenhagen & Carl, Sales, Oslo)

5. Then you’re sick of hearing it

Enough! We get it. It’s Christmas – yay! Can we move on yet?

(Candice, Marketing, Copenhagen)

6. It’s absolutely everywhere!

Love Actually didn’t lie. Christmas really is all around us.  

(Andreas, UX, Copenhagen)

7. Then people panic about it

It’s literally on the same day every year. Yet somehow there are always those customers who do all their Christmas shopping at the last minute. (More like a panic in a pear tree, right!?)

(Aubrey, Design, Copenhagen)

But we think it’s pretty fun

C’mon – it is the most wonderful time of the year. Whether it’s the lights, the music, the glühwein – or the many shift-based workers who take on extra jobs over Christmas – it’s a fun time of year. 

(Nat, Customer Support, Copenhagen)

And this Christmas, you deserve better scheduling

(Maria, Customer Support, Copenhagen)

So, this Christmas, look after yourself. Plan your availability, simply swap shifts and communicate easily with Planday.

And be the best gift the retail sector could want this Christmas!


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Planday’s software is built to make staff management easier for the retail sector, so managers and staff can spend more time on what matters: helping create memories this Christmas. We are trusted by some of the biggest names in retail around the world to help run their businesses more efficiently. 

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