Are you the last man standing in the office, while everyone else is sipping mai-tais? Then read these tips on how to stay efficient during the summer season.

At long last summer has finally arrived, many of us have been cooped up inside for months, and now the time has come to finally enjoy the summer weather! There is of course one catch, going to work. If you are one of those people that also finds that your productivity levels start to dwindle during these months, don’t worry you are not alone, it’s the “summer productivity slump.”

You are sitting inside behind your desk whilst others are frolicking on a beach, sipping a drink or exploring exotic islands – we’re all human and this feeling occurs in the Planday office as well. The important question is, how do you ensure that you still manage to get important tasks done during the summer months?

Luckily for you, Planday has decided to share its secrets on how we manage to keep productive during these low activity months – well it works for us in any case.


Host meetings outside

The sun is shining bright in the sky and you and your team are stuck in a meeting room – but why? We are all familiar with this scenario, so we suggest that you instead move your meetings outside! We have found that moving our meetings outside in these months relaxes us as a team, keeps us invigorated and helps us generate fresh ideas.


Make a to do list

We feel that the summer months are a perfect time for us to finally catch up on the backlog of work we have been building up all year, and of course to prepare for the autumn. The trick is to start creating lists, put your most critical tasks at the top and the nice to-do tasks at the bottom. Curious as to what keeps us motivated? Make sure to accomplish at least one thing from your list a day. The mental relief of removing all the clutter that has been building up is quite the revelation and gives you a great head start once things get hectic again!


Make sure to take a break

Getting fresh air is imperative for keeping yourself going throughout the day. Sitting behind a desk for hours, staring into a screen can in itself be exhausting. Don’t worry, we’ve developed a cure – going on “walkies!” Just 15 minutes a day can work wonders. Planday walkies usually involves getting an ice cream or an iced drink of some sort ( copious amounts of iced coffee ) and taking a stroll together. If the weather permits, we even go for a swim, as our office is located a mere stone’s throw from the harbor. We relish the opportunity to get in the water during our break or after hours! This is a wonderful way to recharge your batteries and implement some activity during your day.

Once we finally get back to the office, we are refocused, and we got to see the sun! Those crucial vitamin D levels, that assist in boosting your energy levels, need to get replenished through sunlight.


Flexible hours

Here at Planday we are true believers of flexible working hours. Work-life balance is something we pride ourselves on. We have found that giving employees leeway with their work hours has actually boosted productivity, created more trust and lowered absenteeism. What more could you ask for?


Enjoy your down time!

It is summer time after all, so make sure to get out there after work and recharge your solar batteries! Do your utmost to set clear and appealing goals for what you want to accomplish at work each day and give it all you’ve got. Your motivation for getting out of that office door on time will keep you focused. And most importantly once you do head home, silence your emails, internal coms and just unwind. You deserve it!




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