Are you the last man standing in the office, while everyone else is sipping mai-tais? Then read these 6 tips on how to stay efficient during the holiday season.

This week’s guest blogger is Søren Ellegaard from the Train! company. Søren’s specialty is personal efficiency training.

If you are the last man/woman standing in the office, while everyone else is enjoying exotic cocktails on white, sandy beaches somewhere in the world, then keep reading and find out how you get the most out of the summer period.

Stay focused

Forget about “holiday season” and focus on “job”, and work as you would in October. Do your every day work routine and profit from the peace and quiet, while others are away. That way, you’ll get the maximum out of your efforts!

Do the to-do

Get your tasks and projects out of your head and into a digital or paper system. Make an overview of all your commitments and want-to-do’s. Reflect, talk with your boss and decide which tasks to drop, defer or delegate, and inform the relevant people of this. The mental relief of erasing clutter and removing some  “will-never-get-this-done-anyway” burdens is immense.

Ditch the distractions

While at the office, don’t give yourself the assignment to search for “summer” online. Focus on the job, and do the holiday dreaming when you are AT the beach. It will help you keep your productivity up, and really earn that dream vacation for real.

Self-evaluate daily

Review your level of productivity at the end of each day and week. Did you get everything done like you intended to? What did you do well and what got in your way? Not saying “no”? – Too many distractions? What could you have done differently? What will you do differently tomorrow? “ – note it down and do it tomorrow and enjoy the changes you make.

Enjoy the sun

“It is summertime – and the weather is fine” – so leave the job at 4pm or 5pm and get out and recharge the solar batteries. Do your utmost to set clear, appealing goals for what you want to accomplish on the job each day, and give it all you’ve got. Your motivation for getting out the door on time will keep you focused and help you fight off any tempting distraction.

Look forward to YOUR next vacation

Remember, your vacation is coming too – just relax and know that every day on the job, will make your next vacation come one day closer … When you follow the tips above, you can be pretty sure that you’ve earned it!

Søren published this blog post on his own blog, which you can find here.

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