Are you still not ready for Halloween? Get some quick marketing tips from Walmart, Sephora and other successful retailers to increase sales today.


Are you a bit tired of always using orange and black paper to decorate your shop? Click on these Pinterest boards and find out what you can do instead of going the old-fashioned way to decorate your store:


You should offer a little something extra in your shop. You could fill a jar with scary candy, hand out a free Halloween mask for the children or bake something orange and frightening. There’s plenty of time to come up with something. Find inspiration here for some easy treats.

You could also do as Kohl’s and encourage your customers to share their treats – involving your customers is always good for your branding:

Limited offers

One-time offers create an urgency and will get customers to come to your store right away. So, put focus on some of the most popular products in your shop and make a one-day offer they can’t refuse, “Two for one price on our popular cutting boards/boxes of mint chocolates/t-shirts/etc” and add “It’s a Halloween offer – it will be too late on November 1!” Take a look around in your shop – which products can you boost today?

These offers are perfect to post on your social media channels with an appropriate hashtag or a picture.


Another way of engaging with your cutsomers is to host a contest – especially on Halloween. Find out ”Who can carve the scariest pumpkin?”, ”Who has the best costume?” or ”What’s your favorite scary movie?” You can host the contest online by asking your customers to either post a picture or write a comment. This works on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram – any sort of online platform, really.

You can have a one-day competition, creating a need for your customers to enter right away (like the one-day offers). Think of a contest now and launch it today or tomorrow. You don’t need more time than that.


Whatever you sell, you’re the expert within your field. Find the connection between your expertise, your products and Halloween. For instance, check out what Sephora is sharing on Pinterest.


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