When should I work on top-priority tasks? How can I be better organised? These 5 apps will get you back on schedule and reclaim the time you need.

1. Evernote

Ideal for jotting down quick lists, capturing post-it notes, documents, building slides, collecting photos and locking in every little detail, Evernote will store your digital archive into real use.

2. Smartsheet

One of the many reasons why you should ditch Excel is because Smartsheet outdoes it by a thousand percent. Smartsheet will coordinate your team’s projects with handy features such as: smart columns, rows, calender views, reporting, cell linking and formulas. It also stores important files, contracts, presentations, videos and setting reminders.

3. Timr

Time tracking at its finest, Timr will calculate your project hours while you’re working, not afterwards. This is the perfect app for segmenting time spent on different projects, tracking business travel or tracking counterproductive interruptions like phone calls or meetings throughout the day.

4. Countdown Calendar

Need a reminder to countdown to an important event? Countdown calendar will count down to any date and it will mail reminders to you and other users. You can add hyperlinks and download from a central repository of countdowns such as: project release dates, new product launches or personal events such as: movie releases, your kids sporting events and birthdays.

5. Planday

It’s 2014, but managers are still wasting hours on shift planning by constantly editing the rota, plugging in sicknesses, availability, paid vacations, shift swaps, paid-leave, and so forth. All of these changes in the schedule are managed through obsolete tools like Excel, whiteboards, blackboards and pen and paper. These old methods are out dated and cause more havoc than progress.  Planday optimises workforce management through a smart online and scheduling employee app solution. Managers can create, edit or archive staff, view and book shifts, report on time-clocking and payroll, store contracts and other sensitive documents, communicate announcements to staff, show forced notifications, view payslips, etc. On the other hand, employees can swap or sell shifts, send SMS to colleagues, view the master schedule via mobile, request paid-leave, vacation and availability within a hands reach. Our mission is to give business owners the opportunity to focus on operating their company efficiently by making administration effortless.

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