Halloween is coming up and it’s the perfect opportunity to put focus on your restaurant and increase sales. And it doesn’t have to be difficult coming up with a few marketing stunts – these 3 tips will show you how simple it can be.

Host an event

Probably the oldest trick in the marketing book. Getting people together, creating a community and sharing a great experience will boost your reputation and increase sales both on the day and in the following months.

Every year around Halloween, Chipotle is hosting an event, raising money for a good cause while branding their restaurant. Be inspired here.

Spook up your menu

You don’t need to change your whole menu just for Halloween. Instead, have some daily offers that will create an urgency for your customers to come and try them today. You could promote your freakishly frightening pumpkin soup on Tuesday, dangerously delicious pumpkin pie on Wednesday and a horribly hell-raising pumpkin cider on Thursday. Whatever you can come up with and whatever your customers like.

Here’s what London-based ice cream vendor, Gelupo, will be ready to serve you this Halloween:

Also, at Brucie Restaurant, you can expect to find a menu consisting of items named after the 7 plagues. Click here to find some inspiration and check out what role the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and major characters from the Book of Revelation play on Brucie’s menu.

Engage on social media

This is a perfect time to share pictures and updates and get your followers involved in your Halloween events. Social media platforms are the best tools to brand yourself and invite people to your restaurant. Tweet and post about your events, recipes or discounts on Facebook. And put up pictures on Instagram of your Halloween meals, interior decorations or of your staff wearing costumes.

Your posts will invite your followers to come by and like the previous point, those posts will create an urgency.

Last year, Sweetgreen invited their followers to take part in a competition on Instagram celebrating the fall season. Check out what they did and how they interacted with their customers. It was a really cool idea.

You can also do as BJ’s Restaurants and tweet about your special offers.

And a little bit of humour on Facebook doesn’t hurt.

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