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Planday’s commitment to security and data protection for GDPR

Cristina Niculescu
5 min read

Planday’s commitment to security and data protection for GDPR

From our executive team to our developers, everyone at Planday takes the security of our product and the protection of our customers’ and employees’ personal data very seriously. Our customers trust us with their data, and protecting that is crucial to running our business.

We’re actively working with our customers to fully understand their data processing and privacy needs. Additionally, we’re working with a specialist organisation to ensure that we’re ready for the changes brought in by GDPR.

We approach data protection from two different angles: internal processes and technical development. In short, we do everything we can to ensure we have the right people, processes and training in place to protect our customers’ data, while also ensuring our product is technically airtight.

To read more about the specifics of our commitment to GDPR compliance, head over to this article.

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