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Planday makes employee scheduling and management easy, fast and mobile. 

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  • Night Club Case
    “Using Planday we make zero mistakes and save a huge amount of time!” Read night club case
  • Retail Case
    “My estimate is that our increased effectiveness equals a 5% payroll saving!” Read retail case
  • Hotel Case
    “It used to take me 3-5 hours to process payroll - now it just takes me 30 minutes!” Read hotel case
  • Call Center Case
    “We use the Planday Communication features intensely!” Read call center case
  • Corporate Case
    “Planday creates flexibility and easier communication.” Read corporate case
  • Leisure
    We investigated three different scheduling systems, but we chose Planday. And we are very happy about our choice!” Read case

Selected customers

  • Brd. Price
  • Madklubben
  • Best Western
  • Onfone
  • Novo Nordisk
  • Falck
  • Brd. Price
  • Madklubben
  • Best Western
  • Onfone
  • Novo Nordisk
  • Falck
“Our busy employees appreciate that they have access to Planday at any time!”
Jeanette Bystrup, Cap Horn
“Planday really is an all-in-one online scheduling system!”
Rasmus Frederiksen, Operations Director and Co-owner, Restaurations Kompagniet
“Planday streamlines our workday and we are super excited to be a part of it!”
Jette Holm, Illums Bakery
“I can only give Planday my warmest recommendations!”
Vagn Kristensen, Rungstedgaard
“Planday is a 100% reliable system, which is important to us!”
Steen Espersen, 5R Marketing
“Planday has even more features than what we had in our requirement specification!”
Majid Ittaouil, Operations Supervisor, Falck Travel Care
“We investigated three different scheduling systems, but we chose Planday.”
Anne Schwabe Bank, Deputy Manager, DGI Huset Herning
Too much on your mind?

Too much on your mind?

Not enough time to do it? Planday is just what you are looking for. Planday enables you to share administrative tasks with your employees. You save valuable work hours and can focus on developing your business. And your employees get more involved.
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